Welcome to the website of Croftfoot Parish Church of Scotland.

Feel free to browse and learn more about us – we are a warm and friendly church of all ages – growing and learning together.

Most of us sense a desire and hope that God is real, true and loving and could be a deeper part of our lives. This is no surprise, because as we take time to seek God we find that HE HAS BEEN SEEKING US ALL ALONG!

Thankfully God does not want to restrict you or bore you to death through dusty, boring old man-made church! The bible explains that before any one of us was born we were known by God – and this includes you. He knows you and wants to embrace you in His Father’s love. This love brings healing to our hurts and fosters hope for our future. God sees the potential in you and wants to draw out the real you, the best you.

Most of us feel small, unworthy, not up to much – but God showed how much He valued each one of us by giving His Son – Jesus Christ – to die on the Cross. We can be guilt-free through receiving the forgiveness He freely offers.

Coming to God is a homecoming, an adventure, a liberation, a new beginning, and a commissioning all in one. We find forgiveness, peace, purpose and power for living in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Wherever you are on your journey – if you do not have a spiritual home – you are welcome to join us. You are special and wanted by God. Take a step toward him – you will not be disappointed.

Robert Silver