BREAKING NEWS …..‘Healing Rooms Scotland’ comes to Croftfoot!

We will be opening here on Friday 22nd April, from 1.30-3.00pm, and every Friday following.

Are you feeling under pressure, burdened or depressed? Are you suffering sickness of any kind?  If you need a touch from God, then please call in to our Healing Room any Friday where you will be warmly welcomed.

What is a ‘Healing Room’?  There are currently over 30 rooms throughout Scotland and they are places where prayer is available for healing of sickness … in body, mind or spirit. Our receptionist will offer you tea/coffee, during which time a couple of our trained team members will be praying for God’s guidance prior to meeting with you. They will then listen to your request, in privacy and confidentiality, and pray for your healing, in Jesus’ name.

Please note that all visits are free of charge, and we do not advise our guests to stop taking prescribed medication or to cancel doctor/hospital appointments.

For further information on Healing Rooms Scotland, plus numerous stories of healings, please visit

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